Sometimes a good talk is enough to motivate

I've been reading a lot about Perl 5, 6, 7, 2013 etc. I felt, well, like if Perl is going bad... Then I watched this talk today:

The Perl Renaissance

Congrats to @pjf for this amazing talk! Wow! Makes me feel like I'm using an amazing tool! Will check out Dist::Zilla , Perlbrew and +++ even today!

No conclusions here, just a report by an internet lurker which happens to code with Perl...

About the 'Mastering Advanced Git' video series of McCullough and Berglund

This review is the conclusion of 2 rewrites. Today I'm still uncertain

Definitely, the video series is a course. And it does hook up onto the
"Mastering Git" video series from the same authors. Content is rich,
very rich. Most of day to day Git users will probably learn a lot on
this marvelous tool that is Git.

But, Git is a tool. Basically a developer (or whatever user of text
files which can make use of a revision control system) knows one or
more languages, and tries to extend that knowledge as far…

Perl at Fosdem 2012


Next Sunday (5 february), Fosdem 2012 is hosting our Perl booth and Perl devroom. We welcome a bunch of impressive speakers. The schedule is published here.

If you are coming to Fosdem but did not select talks from the Perl devroom: read the text below and reschedule your day ;)
If you didn't plan to come to Fosdem but are or can free next Sunday, read the text below and book your day !
Best of all, Fosdem is free of charge and you don't have to register your presence.

Most talks in the Pe…

FOSDEM 2012 - Brussels


Fosdem 2012 will take place on 4 and 5 February.
You'll find our call for speakers here: Fosdem 2012 call for speakers

Hope to meet you there !


Belgian Perl Workshop 2011 - Thank you all

So we had the Belgian Perl Workshop 2011 last Saturday.

I wish to thank all participants for the conviviality of the event. We had a bunch of interesting interactive talks, which where well prepared by the speakers.

Including the gurus who shared their knowledge, the audience was particularly and constructively active during the talks. There were a lot of interventions and all went smoothly.

This is exactly what a workshop should be. People are learning by asking questions while others share info by interfering with the speaker's flow in a non-invasive way. Somehow eve…