Mojolicous: configure plugin's actions

While writing plugins we can do something:

$app->plugin( Auth => {
    user_check =>  sub{
        my( $user ) =  @_;

        # authentication_code_here;

But I prefer to keep my sturtup sub clean. Thus I route to controller’s action:

$app->plugin( Auth => { auth_check => 'auth#check' } );

Doing so I need to check in my plugin passed value. Is it sub or shortcut auth#check?

And to simplify checking I implement next route shourtcut

sub register {
    my( $plugin, $app, $conf ) =  @_;

    $app->routes->add_shortcut( xto =>  \&xto );
    $app->routes->post  ( '/auth' )->xto( $conf->{ auth_check } )
        ->name( 'authenticate' );

sub xto {
    my $r =  shift;
    ref $_[0] eq 'CODE'?
        $r->to({ cb => $_[0] }):
        $r->to( @_ );

    return $r;

Unfortunately this is not supported by core ->to. I do not know why.

Finally when we create route we want bind it to some action. The callback and controller’s method are both actions: 1

my $cb = $field->{cb};
$self->_callback($c, $cb, $last);
_action($app, $c, $cb, $last);

and 2

$self->_controller($c, $field, $last);
my $method = $field->{action};
my $sub = $new->can($method);
_action($app, $new, $sub, $last);

Supporting this via ->to interface seems natural, does not?

I discuss this on IRC. kraih was nor against, nor support that. Just not enough votes from other members.

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