Introducing Net::ACME

I’ve recently finished porting cPanel’s implementation of Let’s Encrypt’s ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Envirionment) protocol to a new CPAN module, Net::ACME.

Net::ACME offers a number of attractive features:

- It’s based closely on cPanel’s widely used Let’s Encrypt plugin.

- Memory usage is light: no Moose/Moo/etc.

- It can run in pure Perl, as long as you have an OpenSSL binary. (Otherwise, it needs Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA.)

- Thorough error checking—even Perl calling context!

- Errors are represented as typed, queryable exceptions. (The framework includes its own exception class hierarchy.)

- It’s “global clean”: no careless overwriting of variables like $@, $!, $?, etc.

The object hierarchy also closely mirrors ACME’s own object hierarchy: separate classes exist to represent ACME registrations, authorizations, challenges, and certificates.

The distribution includes example scripts that demonstrate usage of the module and should also give a good feel for the protocol itself.

I hope it’s useful!

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