Perlito Perl6 in .NET

There is a new article about the Perlito Perl 6 compiler, published by the São Paulo Perl Mongers. The article is mostly focused on the Javascript backend, and all code snippets can be run in the browser. There are also instructions on how to install the Perl 5 backend from CPAN. The article finishes with an overview of the compiler internals.

In the development front, Perlito now passes all it's tests in .NET, using the IronPython backend:

$ /usr/local/bin/prove -e "perl -Bipy" ... t/16-var-redeclare.t ....... ok t/21-test.t ................ ok All tests successful. Files=30, Tests=125, 77 wallclock secs ( 0.17 usr 0.14 sys + 48.15 cusr 2.53 csys = 50.99 CPU) Result: PASS

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