Perl courseware for the web using client-side perl

This is an idea I've discussed with Gabor (szabgab++) during the last conferences - we could use perlito as a tool to write educational pages about perl, that would embed executable code that can be modified by the reader.

There is a possible alternate implementation, use remote execution in the server. But I like the idea of running the code in the browser.

This perl in the browser would be a "full" perl implementation (not necessarily fast), with I/O redirected to local variables or even local storage. Modules would be loaded from a remote "lib" using HTTP requests.

Here is an older article that shows the basic idea. This is in portuguese, it was written for using perlito6.


I think that would be an awesome idea!

Are you aware of vti's It is server-side not client-side, but still perhaps its worth looking at.

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