a perl5 to Java compiler - first benchmark

I've written a small performance test. And it is not bad!

First perl:

$ time perl misc/benchmark/benchmark_lexical.pl
done 64000000

real    0m3.964s
user    0m3.963s
sys     0m0.004s

And then Perl-in-Java:

$ touch Test.class ; rm Test.class ; perl perlito5.pl -Isrc5/lib -I. -It -Cjava misc/benchmark/benchmark_lexical.pl > Main.java ; javac Main.java ; time java Main
done 64000000

real    0m0.840s
user    0m0.584s
sys     0m0.302s

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It's unfair - you only measure running the compiled code in Java, but you include compilation in Perl.

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