YAPC::BR 2015 - Sep 18-20

So this year the YAPC::BR will be held at Taubaté - SP, of course in Brazil. I' m one of the hosts and we are moving forward to make a nice event.
The dates were decided during the last YAPC but I delayed this post and all English information until I payed the Hotel from venue and are 100% ok with the date. So in 18th to 20th of September this year we have another Perl conference.

The theme of event is CPAN and Perl Community. I mainly get inspired by guru at the end of YAPC::BR last year when everybody was induced to publish a module on CPAN. We brazilians are kind of shy to publish modules so make the event around it should be useful and fun.

What to expect from the event?

We are small, last year we were around 40. This is more or less my expectations to this year, but since Taubaté is closer to the Sao Paulo International airport, I hope that maybe more people came ( Brazilians and not Brazilians) .

Since most of us are already from Perl Community from some time, most of us speak english. Some of us are well know in the international community itself.

English talks are welcome

The place of venue is between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, 110 km from Sao Paulo and 400km from Rio. The beach is 80km from Taubate. Not only the we have the YAPC but the arounds are nice to visit.

The dollar is skyrocketing so each day we are cheaper.

So when I can register or send a talk?

We are working hard to get everything on place, but for now we only have a terrible site that I made myself meanwhile the designer get the final version.

Feel free to contact us, the email is: cartas at frederico.me.

The temporary site is : YAPC::BR.

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I've got the dates free. If you want some more English content, I'd be happy to pop down there.

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