Adopting in the hope to improve maintenance

I am interested in getting these modules under good maintenance again:

  • Term::EditLine (Ulrich Burgbacher) (update thanks to Neil Bowers and Ulrich Burgbacher I am now the maintainer of this dist)
  • Win32API::ProcessStatus (Ferdinand Prantl) (update thanks to Neil Bowers I am now the maintainer of this dist)
  • File::Which (Adam Kennedy, Per Einar Ellefsen) (update Thanks to Adam Kennedy and the modules list I am now the maintainer of this dist)
  • Regexp::Assemble (David Landgren)
  • PerlIO::gzip (Nicholas Clark)

I am happy to adopt these modules in the event that the original authors are unable or unwilling to continue maintaining them. I have what I think is a pretty good record in adopting modules while maintaining backwards compatibility and the original author’s intent. Examples include Alien::LibYAML, Mojolicious::Plugin::TtRenderer, PkgConfig, String::Template, Test::Fixme.

I have at various times over the past year or so attempted to contact each author in order to see if they would be willing to grant me co-maint or ownership. The author of Term::EditLine told me via email he would give me ownership but never followed up on it. The other authors have not responded to multiple attempts at communication. It is possible that they simply did not receive my messages.

If you are the author of one of these modules could you please contact me via email at (please, if you reply to this blog entry also send me email as I do not always get the notifications for this blog). If you know the author of one of those modules, and do not mind cajoling them into contacting me I would be immensely grateful.

Please do not send me a link to the CPAN or PAUSE FAQ. I have already read them. I followed it in good faith with both Term::EditLine and Win32API::ProcessStatus, and my emails to the modules mailing list were ignored.

edit: PerlIO::gzip now works with Perl 5.20.


I'd be very happy to see PerlIO::gzip being actively maintained. I use it in a number of places. I've toyed with trying to adopt it myself, but don't think it wise to take a key module on for my first XS project!

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