Convert::Binary::C anyone?

I'm interested in getting Convert::Binary::C into a properly maintained state once again. It has a pod test that is failing (which should be an author or release test) and a regex deprecation warning in 5.22 that will likely render it uninstallable without patching in a future version of Perl. It's a really great module, and doesn't need a lot of changes just a few simple fixes. I've attempted to contact the author via rt, email and twitter. I'd be happy to adopt the module and resolve non-contentious bugs this module has collected. I believe I have a pretty good record on past adoptions, but I'd also be happy for someone else to do it, my goal is only to get a couple of pretty simple bug fixes into the module. If I don't hear from anyone I will try to adopt via the modules list.

edit: The original author has uploaded a new version with these (and a number of other) issues resolved!


Indeed, C::B::C is awesome. I poked Marcus. He promised to cut a new release soon.

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