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Wellington Perl Mongers had their monthly meeting this week and we tried something new that worked reasonably well so I thought I'd share it here. A little bit like lightning talks but with a more specific focus. From the announcement email ...


Script Spotlight

Briefly tell us about a script you've written and use regularly. Things you might talk about:

  • What problem it solves - how it makes your life better
  • An interesting feature of the code
  • Ideas you have for making it better
  • What made it super easy (e.g.: a CPAN module, a feature of Perl, etc.)
  • Did you write your script in Perl - why/why not?

If you can't immediately think of a candidate script then here are some places to look to jog your memory:

  • your $HOME/bin directory
  • /usr/local/bin
  • your cgi-bin directory
  • scripts called from cron jobs
  • scripts called from your editor
  • scripts attached to a hot key
  • Nagios checks

See you there - with your script :-)


Great concept, I will steal that :-)

Brilliant. Oh, heh.

I'd love to hear lightning talks at user groups that did this.

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