A gripe about blogs.perl.org

Is it just me who has to re-authenticate on every single page load, or is this a known issue? It's really annoying? I seem to keep my session fine on the front page, but the MT interface asks me to authenticate every. single. time. I change pages, whether through a GET or POST request.


Yes, I am that same gripe about blogs.perl.org. I login in blogs.perl.org, then I need to login to post.. anoying...

Since I started using LastPass (A Firefox addon), I stopped suffering this. It authenticates and logins for me automatically.

I've seen this before on MT installations. In those cases it turned out to be a corrupt session table. I've just checked all of the tables in the database and they all seem fine.

Please don't rely on us reading your blog posts in order to find out about problems like this. It's best if you raise a ticket for us:


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