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Perl Toolchain Synergy

2023 has been a very Perl-centric year for me so far!

These days I spend a lot of time in Toronto. Back in January when I heard that the TPRC conference would be held there I joined the planning group post-haste. They still needed a venue and I helped them find the perfect one. We'll be right in the middle of the best part of that great city. I encourage you all to come. This one's gonna be great!

Around the same time, TINITA told me that the Perl Toolchain Summit was happening again in Lyon again (first since 2019). I really needed to reunion with my Perl family, so I bugged BOOK until he said "Come on over".

A lot of great things happened there but for me the most important one was seeing my Perl loving friends again, and talking to them. I made a concerted effort to have meaningful interactions with almost every person there. As I get older I realize more and more that community takes effort, communication, understanding and humility.

I also did some technical stuff... :)

  • Worked with STIGTSP and LEONT on CPAN dist package signing
    • Organized a meeting with our group and the TUF project
  • Worked with EXODIST to make yath run non-perl TAP test files, like prove always has
  • Got many ideas from PEVANS for my new ambitious work
    • Including XS speed via LLVM and making Concurrency simple in Perl
  • Started to add destructuring assignment syntax to Perl
  • Suggested and tested a new YAML::PP dumpcode feature with TINITA
  • Joined in the planning meetings to bump the toolchain min Perl version to 5.16.0
  • Walked and talked with ANDK about Life, the CPAN and Everything
  • Explored esoteric languages with RJBS
  • Played (and won) my first Drinking Fluxx game with BOOK's Charteuse, Ricardo.

This year's PTS was a big success, and the launching point of many good things to come for Perl.

And never would have happened without our awesome sponsors and our stalwart organizers Neil, Philippe, and Laurent!!!

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