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The YAMLScript Advent Blog

Season's Greetings, Perl!

I've spent almost all of my time since my last post here working on a new programming language, YAMLScript.

It's working now and I've decided a do a 2023 Advent YAMLScript Blog for it. The blog started last Friday and will continue (at least) until December 24th.

I encourage you to follow along. At some point this month YAMLScript modules will become available for CPAN and Raku and many other languages. I also encourage you to try writing an Advent of Code 2023 solution in YAMLScript, if you are playing along with AoC this year.

All the Best, Ingy döt Net

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user-pic I am an Acmeist Hacker. I program in many languages to meet many people. Perl people are my favorite people. Currently I am working as a Distinguished Technologist for Hewlett Packard Enterprise; developing the future of cloud solutions.