Initself's Retarded Guide to Building a Package

To build a package, use Module::Install, ya turkey!

Update: Per mstpan, one should not use Module::Install!

cpan Module::Install

Make a directory for your package to reside:

mkdir /home/you/My-Package

Put your module in the 'lib' directory. This is where all your code is going to live.

mkdir lib
mkdir My
touch My/

Put your code in My/, or copy the file you already wrote here.

Then, create a Makefile.PL in /home/you/My-Package:

use inc::Module::Install;

# Define metadata
name           'My-Package';
perl_version   '5.006';
version        '0.01';
license        'perl';

# Specific dependencies
test_requires  'Test::More'  => '0.42';


Then, just run your new shiny file, pal!

perl Makefile.PL && make && make install && make clean && rm Makefile.old

While your at it, put that in a file called '' so you can execute that each time you install it. You've gotta be root to run this sucker!

Update: Don't install to system root! Use plenv!

sudo sh

Afterwards, your directory will looks like this:

inc/*  lib/ Makefile.PL  META.yml

You're installed!

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Thanks for your post which will definitely help others. However, you are responsible for handling everything right. There are a couple of modules on CPAN that could make this job even easier.

My personal favorite is to use Dist::Zilla to handle everything around managing my packages. The only thing you will have to do is to maintain a small file named dist.ini in the top directory of your module and everything else will get generated for you. Simply install Dist::Zilla and make the dzil executable your friend -- you will love it!

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