Strawberry Perl uninstall / Active Perl install Issues on Windows

I have had a little problem getting a working Perl on Windows over the past few days. I was having a lot of trouble somehow getting a working dmake and mingw to compile code, among other things.

Here's what happened in my latest attempt, for your benefit:

  1. Created a clean Amazon EC2 Windows 2008 server.
  2. Installed Strawberry Perl 5.12. Had issues compiling modules with cpan. Uninstalled Strawberry Perl.
  3. Installed ActivePerl 5.16.3. Ran cpan, dmake and mingw downloaded and installed properly. Rebooted so %PATH% would be updated.
  4. Tried installing any module, immediately failed.

This is the important part: Strawberry Perl sets ENV variables in an incompatible way to what ActivePerl wants.

11:26 <@BinGOs> they mess with how the META parsers work.

So I ran this at the command prompt:


Everything started installing after clearing these variables.


Hi, I am strawberry perl maintainer and want to ask you about the version you have tried.

Variables PERL_JSON_BACKEND and PERL_YAML_BACKEND are not set since strawberry-perl- (currently we have and

That was in #win32, if it's in your backlog you'll see he had Strawberry 5.12 installed. :)

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