Write a Perl tutorial and earn some $$$!!

Want to make some money writing a tutorial on what you can do with Perl?

Then head over to Digital Ocean and submit your Perl tutorial. Digital Ocean provides Cloud servers for as low as $5 bucks a month. Digital Ocean will pay $50.00 for each artcle that has been accepted ( you can get the $50 in DigitalOcean credit or through paypal ) .

As of this writing there is only 1 Perl tutorial available.

Some ideas for Perl tutorials can be:

How to deploy any of the following Perl Frameworks:

- Dancer
- Catalyst
- Mojolicious
- Poet

How to setup any of the following Perl applications listed in the Perl Maven site.

We have many options to choose from. So go out there and make some $$$!

Please Note : I am not affiliated with Digital Ocean. I just saw this as an opportunity to help provide more visibility for Perl.


I guess I'm not following. I'm all for making more tutorials, but how does that translate to making $$$?

Looks like they pay $50 per article you write that they accept. Writing on spec.

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