New York City Perl Hackathon 2015

Thanks to a generous venue offer from Bloomberg, L.P., I am pleased to announce the Second New York City Perl Hackathon, to be held Saturday, May 02, 2015 ( 10:00 am - 5:00 pm )

Bloomberg Tower
731 Lexington Ave ( between East 58 & 59 Sts )
New York, NY 10022

This hackathon will have 2 different participant roles:
1- Project Leader : Participant has a project he/she want other Developers to hack on.
2- Developer : Participant signs up to work on one or several projects lead by a Project Leader.

For everyone who is considering to participate please hold the date and think about which role you will play ( Project Leader | Developer ) in this hackathon.

There is a two-part sign-up for this event:

(1) Use this page to register for the event. You must provide your first name and last name for access to the venue and must bring photo ID to the venue on Hackathon day.

(2) Use the New York Perl Hackathon wiki page to sign up to work on particular projects on Hackathon Day. Be sure to read: Getting Ready for the Hackthon and Projects .


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