A Travis pull request for Proc::ProcessTable

My pull request challenge assignment for the month of February was Proc::ProcessTable a Perl module to interface with the Unix process table. As you can see from looking at the README.md file via Github this project recently has been moved to Github with the intention of light maintenance with focus on critical fixes made by the community. I was running out of time and I didn't have a linux system to use or test this module so I decided to do something simple like integrating Travis CI.

All it takes to enable Travis CI in a Github repo is a .travis.yml file in the root directory of the project and a Github account to allow Travis access to the Github repositories for Travis builds.

Here's a sample of the Travis file and the Travis Builds from my pull request.

As you can see from the examples Proc::ProcessTable is now tested on 8 different versions of Threaded Perl running on Ubuntu Linux. Now I can mark my February assignment as done. YAY!!!! \o/

For more information on Travis setups read the Travis Perl Docs and for further information on how to enable testing on Threaded versions of Perl please review Travis-Perl-Helpers README documentation.

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