NYC Perl 6 Beginners Study Group Session 2

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If you are in or around NYC next week then be part of the future. has organized a Perl 6 Beginners Study Group and next week Saturday March 05 2016 is our second group session. Meeting details from official announcement in mailing list:

The second meeting of our New York City Perl 6 study group will be held:

Saturday, March 5, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
41 First Ave
between East 2 and East 3 Streets

Subway: F-train to Second Ave; exit at First Ave (east) end of station


Preparation for Meeting:

1. Prepare to speak for 60 seconds on one Perl 6 statement or concept you've explored since Session One. A web link to your example will be helpful.

2. The GitHub wiki for the study group is:
Send email to jkeen at verizon dot net if you wish to be invited to wiki access.

3. 3-prong power strips will be helpful.

4. Think of what goals you would like to set for yourself for the remaining sessions of the group.

Subsequent Sessions: to be held on the first Saturdays of
April, May and June.

Saturday, April 2
Saturday, May 7
Saturday, June 4

As noted in an earlier email, this is *a* way of studying Perl 6 in NYC,
not *the* way. If these dates don't work for you for any reason, please
feel free to start another group whose dates do, as there may be others
for which your dates will work better than those above.


I will post plain-text files related to this study group at:

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan


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