Call for volunteers to update OWASP Perl Wiki

Hello Perl Hackers!!

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project ) is a project that is focused on the visibility of software security and it needs our help updating its wiki entry on Perl related technologies.

Why am I posting this? Well a few months ago OWASP had listed Perl in its list of programming languages but presently Perl has been removed from the listing and I assume this is due to the fact that the Perl section has not been updated.

So if you are still reading this and you are a contributor to any of the Perl 5 and 6 ( cuz why not ) Web frameworks that are in use and available today please consider taking some time to update the OWASP Perl wiki.

The wiki needs updated information about the Web Frameworks that exist for Perl 5 and the available plugins used for Authentication, Authorization and Password policies. The current list of web frameworks listed on the OWASP Perl wiki are ( Catalyst, CGI, Dancer, Jifty and Mojolicious )

Please Note: Wiki Account requests to the OWASP wiki system are subject to approval by the OWASP organization ( so I can't guarantee an immediate response to an account request.)


What is required?

Hi Charlie, do you a rough idea how long account requests take to process for the OWASP wiki?

Surely Perl 6 should get its own page rather than confusing the Perl page.

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