is not working. Does somebody know something?

Yesterday I wanted to upload d new release to CPAN, but I could not do it because is down.

This site is still down.

There are several posts on twitter, so it is just me:


Maybe there is some info about when it will be fixed?

**UPDATE**: Here is the official info:


According to the Perl NOC, the machine that hosts PAUSE lost several hard drives.

So it's probably going to be a while.

Is this going to break the "CPAN Once a Week" contest? (Well, for at least four of us...)

BooK: I'm torn — part of me wants PAUSE back now, so I can release something. But the other part of me is rubbing my hands together at the prospect of a surge up the CPAN-once-a-week table ...

The Rules do give us an extra 48 hours in the case of a PAUSE outage.

Those might be Mark Fowler's rules, but I wouldn't be surprised if CJM hasn't coded that rule ... might be worth a peek at the code :-)

I need a list of all your unscheduled outages for the next year on my desk in 15 mins!!!!

We must write down the timestamps for the outage. And then get to work on the issue.

I knew I should have released something on Monday...

Woohoo! I'll be number one!

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