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I'm living in Moscow, Russian. Here we have Underground, a rapid transit system. Recently there appeared free WiFi. You just need to connect some WiFi spot, then accept the Licence agreement and you can use Internet.

Yesterday I've opened at my mobile phone and here is what I've seen:

At the bottom of the screen the ad has appeared. A small investigation showed that is working over http and the WiFi provider changed html and adds that ad.

I don't think that this is ok. Actually I think that this is a horrible business model to change some others sites. But this is the thing that is real and the only way to stop it is to use https.

Actually ssl certificates are very cheep nowadays one year certificate costs less than $10.

So I want to work over https. How can I help you with switching to https? I will be very glad to donate the ssl purchase. Where can I transfer money? =)


You can use an encrypted VPN to prevent those ads all sites.

HTTPS would be nice. You can request features through GitHub issues for blogs-perl-org/, and I've made this issue #254. I just a regular user though.

I'll pitch in for that!

I've got a wildcard cert of my own, and I thought of setting up an HTTPS proxy to But I'm not sure if that is ethical or prudent.

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