Site is released! Run & share Perl code in the browser.

Long story short: today I'm happy to release a simple tool, a website that you can use to run & share Perl code.

There are great web tools in Perl ecosystem:

  • CPAN & PAUSE - repository to store and upload Perl libraries
  • - interface to explore and view Perl libraries
  • - system that runs tests for all Perl libraries and shows results
  • - static code analysis system
  • and others (sorry not to mention them all)

But I always missed a simple tool to share Perl code. Yes there is and a lot of other pastebin sites, but they just share the code without the ability to run it.

In browser you can run Perl code at, but there is no way to save your work and to share it with others. There is a tool that you can use to run & share Perl code, but it is complicated and you can't use perl one-liners in it.

I have created the tool that I wanted to exist. It is very simple. Enter the script content, enter the run command and press one button. The site is not hiding the way it runs code, so you can not only run `perl`, but also `perl -E 'say "Yey!"'` or `man echo` (or even `rm -rf /`).

Each run is executed in a short lived isolated container. So it it is a good place to run some strange one-liners.

The layout of the site is responsive. It works nice not only on desktop, but also on mobile phones.

I'm thinknig of serveral ways of using this tool: just save some code you want to show somebody - it is easy to share a link and the recipient can easily run the code an experiment with it without the need to leave the browser. The other way is to use this site without sharing code. It is pretty convinient to run some simple perl code in the browser on this site. And if you are on the go and can't access your deskop right now you can do it on mobile.

I really hope that this tool will be usefull not only for me, but also for others. So, what do you think? I'll be happy to get your opinion about this small project. Do you like it, or not. Will you use it? What features do you need?

Thank you!


Looks great. If only my mobile had a good keyboard :-)

print $] gives 5.018002 as the Perl version.

Maybe it would be helpful if some information about the version would be visible as default somewhere in the layout?


Nice. Perhaps you can elaborate on the way you've set up the isolated container in a future posting for others that want to replicate this or apply the technique to other use cases.

I mean, you can do this:

system cat => "/etc/passwd";

… and it works. Makes me wonder how secure this system is.

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