Perl weekly challenge 94

The two challenges this week were a nice introduction to the new year.

Challenge 1 - Group words into groups of anagrams.

This is a nice hash or "arrayref"s question - a Perl staple. For each group we need to generate a key, and put every anagram into this bin.

The simplest key is just to sort the letters into alphabetical order:

join q(), sort split m{}

This means the meat of the method can be written as a one liner.

sub group_anagrams {
  my $anagrams = {};
  push @{ $anagrams->{join q(),sort split m{}} }, $_ foreach @_;
  return $anagrams;

Challenge 2 - Flattening Trees & Linked Lists

Again with simple Tree and LinkedList classes this becomes a good
example of simple OO coding.

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