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For me, at least, a sad moment. But you can read the details at and make up your own mind.

Configure at the 2017 Perl 5 Core Hackathon

Configure at the Perl 5 Core Hackathon

One major focus of discussion at the Perl 5 Core Hackathon in Amsterdam last month was the status of the program Configure. In this post, we provide a brief introduction to Configure and then discuss the work done on it at the Hackathon and in the subsequent weeks.

What Does Configure Do?

In order to build and install an executable program on a machine, the programmer first has to identify characteristics of that machine: the CP…

2017 Perl 5 Core Hackathon Held in Amsterdam October 12-15

I don't consider myself a "perlguts" hacker, so quite a few of the discussions at P5H were above my head. I hope that other P5H participants will blog about those discussions. On a week-to-w…

Barcelona Perl & Friends: Saturday 4 Nov 2017

Barcelona Perl & Friends: Saturday 4 Nov 2017

A free one-day conference for Geeks and Friends

The computer industry is becoming a place where you are trapped in the feeling that you're missing out if you're not using last week's "hot thing" commented on Twitter, and that no one will be interested if you're not talking about the last functional programming lanaguage, new framew…

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