Dancer2 0.204003 fixes missing dependencies, improves error handling

Dancer2 0.204003 is on its way to CPAN now, and provides the following changes:

  • The CPANTS testing service reported that some dependencies for Dancer2 were not specified in the distribution. This has been corrected, and we apologize for any issues this may have caused.
  • When a route exception occurred, Dancer2 would catch the error first, and would prevent any custom exception handling from trapping the exception. There were some ugly hacks for working around this, but this fix puts things right, and lets the exception hook fire first, and then will trap the error.
  • Several changes were made to Dancer2’s Template Toolkit integration, the most significant of which being the removal of the ANYCASE option.
  • Various documentation improvements.

A big thank you to those who contributed to this release and helped get it out the door.

The full changelog is as follows:

0.204003  2017-01-25 15:21:40-06:00 America/Chicago

* GH #1299: Fix missing CPANTS prereqs (Mohammad S. Anwar)

* GH #1249: Improve consistency with Template::Toolkit,
  using correct case for 'include_path', 'stop_tag', 'end_tag',
  and 'start_tag', removing ANYCASE option.
  (Klaus Ita)
* Call route exception hook before logging an error, allowing devs to
  raise their own errors bedore D2 logging takes over. (Andy Beverley)

* Add another example of the delayed asynchronous mechanism
  (Ed @mohawk2 J., Sawyer X)
* GH #1291: Document 'change_session_id' in Dancer2::Core::App.
  (Peter SysPete Mottram)
* Fix typo in Dancer2::Core::Response (Gregorr Herrmann)
* Document Dancer2::Plugin::RootURIFor (Mario Zieschang)

Happy Dancing!

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