Dancer2 0.207000 released

The latest version of Dancer2 is out the door, and it is chock full of changes! A few new features worth noting include:

  • send_as() now allows you to easily send plain text content (in addition to JSON and other formats (Steve Dondley)
  • Mutable serialization with custom mappings (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins, Yanick Champoux, Daniel Böhmer, Steven Humphrey)
  • A new no_default_middlewares setting to allow Dancer2 applications to work with ETag (and similar) middlewares in the Plack stack (veryrusty)

There have been a lot of documentation improvements made, driven largely by the members of our awesome community.

The full changelog is as follows:

0.207000  2018-11-14 17:24:25-05:00 America/New_York

* GH #1427: Allow layout_dir to be configured by set keyword (Russell
  @veryrusty Jenkins)
* GH #1456: Engine logging respects minimum level filtering (Daniel Perrett)
* PR #1479: Remove arbitrary Perl 5.10 requirement from tests (Dan Book)
* PR #1480: Correct dynamic HTTP::XSCookies requirement (Dan Book)
* PR #1486: Install dzil deps for use by Appveyor (Dan Book)

* GH #1418: Send plain text content with send_as() (Steve Dondley)
* PR #1457: Serializer mutable with custom mapping. Also resolves issues
  #795, #973, and #901 (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins, Yanick Champoux, 
  Daniel Böhmer, Steven Humphrey)
* PR #1459: Add no default middleware feature. Also resolves #1410 
  (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)
* GH #1469: Code of Conduct enhancements (MaxPerl)

* GH #1166: Add behind_proxy docs to Deployment manual (Nuno Ramos 
* GH #1417: Add "set engines" documentation (Deirdre Moran)
* PR #1450: Add calculator example (Gabor Szabo)
* PR #1452: Fix Pod formatting for CPAN (simbaque)
* PR #1454: Fix typos in docs (Gil Magno)
* PR #1464: Can't set environment with 'set' keyword (Ben Kaufman)
* PR #1470: Use session for flash and explain in detail (simbaque)
* PR #1472: Migration, tutorial, other doc fixes (Jason A. Crome)
* PR #1473: Show support resources after generating new app (Jason A.
* PR #1474: Use the correct URL for HAProxy (Jason A. Crome)
* PR #1475: Add manual section for security concerns (Jason A. Crome)
* PR #1487: Clarify deprecation of Dancer2::Test (Steve Dondley)

Thanks to the Dancer and Perl communities for their continued support. On behalf of the entire Dancer Core Team, we really appreciate you and your contributions!

Happy Dancing!


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