Dancer2 0.208002

Your gift is arriving just a bit early this year: a new Dancer2 just in time for the holidays!

There are a number of documentation fixes and enhancements in this version. The largest change you will see under the hood removes Return::MultiLevel (and therefore Scope::Upper) from the list of Dancer2 dependencies, and makes your favorite lightweight web application framework just a little bit lighter.

The full changelog follows:

0.208002  2019-12-14 16:08:46-05:00 America/New_York

* GH#1527: Update travis dist to 'trusty' (Sergiy Borodych)

* GH #1525: Remove use of Return::MultiLevel, and implement stack frame 
  jumping manually (Graham Knop)

* GH #1505: Fix Flaskr link (Mohammad S Anwar)
* GH #1506, 1520: Explain what add_route() does with args (Tom Hukins)
* GH #1519: Fix Template Toolkit config docs (Tom Hukins)
* GH #1522: Fix itetare typo (Stefan Hornburg - Racke)
* GH #1523: Fix typo in Template Toolkit documentation (Mike Katasonov)
* GH #1524: Fix error in configuration documentation (Tom Hukins)
* GH #1526: Mention that TT2 config start_tag/end_tag need escaping 
  (Chris White)
* GH #1528: Note that"Engines" key must be merged in config.yml (Chris

Barring any show-stopping bugs or security vulnerabilities, this will be the last release of the year. Happy holidays, and we will see you in 2020!

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