Dancer2 0.301000 Released

On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, version 0.301000 is now available. This is not the release we envisioned; it is missing some things we'd like to have finished, but it does have a couple of new things worth pointing out:

  • A new keyword, request_data, to get the entire deserialized body of the request
  • A new Cookbook recipe for showing how to dynamically enable/disable modules and routes at runtime
  • Numerous doc and bug fixes.

Check out the changelog for a complete list of changes.

The big thing worth pointing out is App::Cmd, which is now not a requirement of Dancer2. A new version of App::Cmd was released with a minimum version requirement of Perl 5.20. We aim to support Dancer2 back to Perl 5.10, which was no longer possible with the current App::Cmd. We had several options to consider in moving forward, and the one we chose was this:

If you want to use the Dancer2 CLI, you musy explicitly install App::Cmd. If you have previously installed Dancer2, all is well. If this is a new install and you are on a Perl older than 5.20, you will not be able to use the CLI (dancer2 gen) until you can upgrade your version of Perl, or you can install a version of App::Cmd version 0.331 or older (generally, cpanm App::Cmd@0.331 will do here). On Perl 5.20 or newer, install App::Cmd if you want to use the CLI and you're golden.

A more well-thought out solution will be provided in a not-too-distant release.

We know this does not make for the best user experience, and for that, we apologize. Not breaking backwards compatability is important, however, and for the short-term, this seemed like the best solution. We will deliver something better (and more permanent) soon.

Thanks for your patience and continued support. Now, go forth and keep dancing! Jason / CromeDome

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