New Dancer, Dancer2 plus Ecosystem Updates

Welcome to 2023 (just a little bit late)! We've put together a number of long overdue updates for Dancer, Dancer2, and other parts of the ecosystem.

Dancer2 version 0.400001:

* PR #1247: Fix edge case in plugin compat (Sawyer X)
* GH #1621: Fix recursion error in TT after longjump (Andy Beverley, Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)
* PR #1667: Remove failing module from GitHub Actions config (Jason A. Crome)

* GH #769, PR #829, #1662: Rename show_errors as show_stacktrace (Nuno Ramos Carvalho, Sawyer X)
* GH #1594: Use Unicode::UTF8 if available (Sawyer X)

* GH #1657: Fix the Dancer2::DeprecationPolicy abstract (Jason A. Crome)
* GH #1661: Add 'gen' command to 'dancer2' runs (Steve Bertrand)
* PR #1671: Fix broken links in POD; avoid passive voice (Tom Hukins)

Dancer2::Template::Xslate version 0.2.0: - Add docs/warning about using Dancer2 layouts with cascading templates (Pedro Melo)

Dancer2::Session::CHI version 0.05: - Various doc fixes

Task::Dancer2 version 0.07: * This was woefully out of date. Updated for all Dancer2::* modules available today (thanks to GeekRuthie for the assistance)

Dancer version 1.3521 will be hitting CPAN soon: - Fix XML serializer tests (gregoa & Debian team)

The Dancer2 Wiki has seen some updates, too. Do you want to contribute, but aren't sure where to start? This handy guide has some good places to get started; there's a number of plugins for Dancer that haven't been ported to Dancer2, for example.

Is there something you'd like to see? Please add it to the wishlist!

As a final reminder, we marked a number of keywords, methods, and other code in Dancer2 for deprecation last year. Hard deprecation will take effect by the end of March, so any plugins built still relying on deprecated code will need to be updated. See this blog post for more information.

Looking forward to a great 2023! As always, happy Dancing!


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