Announcing Dancer Core Team Changes

We’re excited to announce that Ruth Holloway (GeekRuthie) has joined the Dancer Core Team.

Ruth is a longtime user of Dancer2, and has been one of our most vocal supporters in the greater Perl community. She’s responsible for a number of excellent additions to the Dancer2 ecosystem, and is an active member of our wonderful community.

Please join us in welcoming Ruth to our team. We’re looking forward to her continued contributions to the framework and community.

In other news, Steven Humphrey has retired from the Core Team. We’re grateful for his contributions to Dancer2, and wish him well in his future endeavors.


Congrats! Dancer2+uwsgi behind nginx is my stack of choice.

Thanks, Brett! I'm honored and humbled that the team has asked me to work with them. And I'm with Jason--wanna contribute to the docs a tiny bit? :)

Hi, sure I'd be happy to share what I have. It's a slightly modified version of something TEODESIAN gave me a while back. He is the one who originally told me about uwgsi.

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