Dancer2 1.1.0 Released

Hey everyone,

Happy Holidays! Dancer2 1.1.0 has been released and is on its way to CPAN. It has one really awesome new feature: named routes.

With this update, you can name each route in your Dancer2 application, then refer to that route by name with a new keyword, uri_for_route. You have a lot of control over how this route is constructed, and can use it anywhere you were previously using uri_for. This helps you to avoid the need for lengthy URL references in your code, and makes it easier for you to build applications that are easier to grow, maintain, and later refactor.

You can read more about it in the Dancer2 manual, or check out the pull request that introduced the change. As a bonus, the Twelve Days of Dancer (our mini-advent calendar) launches this week, and Sawyer has written a great article that covers this new feature and keyword in-depth.

Happy Dancing! Jason/CromeDome

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