Perl-Critic Migration To GitHub Is Complete

Perl-Critic-1.121 marks the first production release from the new GitHub repository. We've also moved all the RT tickets to the GitHub issue queue.

Going forward, all development on Perl-Critic will happen on GitHub. For now, other modules like Test::Perl::Critic, Perl::Critic::More, and Perl::Critic::StricterSubs still live in the old Subversion repository but I'll be migrating those as time permits.

I've been wanting to make this move for a long time. The Subversion repository has served us well, but I think GitHub makes it much easier to attract and manage contributions from the community. Huge thanks to Tim Bunce, fREW Schmidt, Andreas Marienborg, Graham Knop, and Andy Lester for making this all happen.

Let the forking begin!

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