Test::Perl::Critic Is Now Wicked Fast

Test::Perl::Critic-1.02_002 has just hit CPAN. The new release uses MCE to run tests in parallel across multiple cores. So if you have an 8 core machine, you could see an 8x performance boost! If you are using the recommended all_critic_ok() function then no code changes are required -- just upgrade and fire away.

For the moment, this is just a developer release so you'll have to fetch it explicitly (using cpanm) as THALJEF/Test-Perl-Critic-1.02_002.tar.gz. MCE is very robust and it should behave well on all sorts of platforms and hardware. But I'd really appreciate if you give it a try and report any problems on GitHub.

Update: That should be version 1.02_002, not 1.02_001 as originally written.

Thanks. Enjoy!


Does this run tests in parallel even if you're only testing a single file? Or are files run in parallel?

I've never heard of MCE, thanks for the mention!

Great news! Could Perl Critic itself be made to run in parallel?

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