A new web site for Marpa

I have created an official web site for Marpa. Marpa is attracting new users, to the point where I thought it might be useful to have a site to act as a central directory. The official web site won't have much in the way of new content. With new content, I plan to continue to do what I've been doing -- post it to this blog.

I've started the site with an annotated list of the most important Marpa-related posts in this blog. I hope this will help people newly interested in Marpa figure out where they want to start. Those who've been following this blog for a while might also want to check the list to see if they've missed anything worthwhile.


Very nice!

Now only to have something similar for creating tokenizers (lex) like Marpa is for creating parsers (yacc)...

By the way, shouldn't Marpa::XS POD include link to said official web site for Marpa?

If it is there, and I have just not found it, sorry for confusion.

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