Version 3 of "Parsing: a timeline"

I have published version 3 of my parsing timeline. It has many changes-- so many, it might be considered a new work. It is longer and now provides sources. The new material includes coverage of combinator and monadic parsing, and operator expression parsing, making it considerably less Marpa-centric.

The link above is to the announcement on my own blog. You can also "cheat" and go straight to the timeline itself. For more about Marpa, my own parsing project, there is the semi-official web site, maintained by Ron Savage. The official, but more limited, Marpa website is my personal one. Comments on this post can be made in Marpa's Google group, or on our IRC channel: #marpa at

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user-pic I blog about Perl, with a focus on parsing and Marpa, my parsing algorithm based on Jay Earley's.