Ok, I took up JT's challenge to build something. Here is the MVP launch of it only works on https right now so don't try 80. Mojolicious, DBIx Class (Candy) and a healthy dose of DateTime::Set and a couple of other DT modules with Bootstrap frontend. This app is meant to be a tool for the growing group of tech savvy, [home|un|hack] schooling crowd, with features for those that are location independent. I already have a roadmap of about 30 items to add and to start work on the mobile syncable version. All feedback is welcome. Thanks.


Congratulations and good luck!

How will people find your site?

A small bit of feedback: Right now your site does absolutely nothing to sell itself. In fact, it hides itself behind the registration wall.

You should put up non-interactive fake UI on the home page of your site to show what people get when they register. (Or even better, semi-interactive demo account UI. Though do keep in mind that the key is seeing instantly what's up, a link to a login of a demo account is not very useful.)

Maybe its that I don't understand the premise, but I found the app lacking documentation as to how to use it. I also agree with Mithaldu, that you need an intro page that will explain what the app is, to encourage people to sign up for it.

Still, congrats on getting something going. I look forward to additional blog posts about your progress.

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