Look, I Just Paid the Bill

If you visit the Silicon Valley Perl Mongers Meetup site, you'll see that I'm now listed as the organizer. This is not strictly true - Ian Kluft is still our primary organizer, but due to the fact that Meetup sends out a metric buttload of mail - I have now witnessed this as organizer - he missed the "OMG SVPERL GONNA DIE" message that got sent, repeatedly, to all the SVPerl members when the Meetup bill was due in a week.

Everyone was getting nervous, so I jumped in and paid the bill, partly because everyone was getting nervous we hadn't heard from Ian, and partly because WhiteHat Security, my current employer (who I love, and you should come work here if you are a good Perl programmer - heck, if you're a good Python or Ruby programmer, come and we'll teach you Perl) said they'd pick up the tab.

So, woo, I'm an organizer. I just like having an excuse to give talks!

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