I love CPAN Testers!

What other language comes with a service like CPAN Testers?

I recently uploaded version 0.02 of Module::UseFrom and little did I know, but it had an odd bug. As hopefully you all know by now, since Perl 5.14 many functions that take hashes or arrays as arguments can now take references as well. This often makes for cleaner code, but I don’t use it (intentionally) on CPAN modules so that they are backwards compatible. However when you write keys $export but meant to write keys %$export and it works you never notice, the tests all pass for me. Release.

On most languages many users would attempt to install and would fail before a few would file bug reports. With CPAN testers however, an army of dedicated volunteers are out there keeping my back. So thanks guys! Bug caught, face saved, everyone wins.

Thank you CPAN Testers!!


If you use Dist::Zilla, you could also use the Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::LocalBrew plugin; it can verify that your distribution compiles and tests correctly against a set of perlbrew installations. That way you can catch these issues before you ship your module!

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