On CPAN Namespaces

After the public buyers-remorse that I (almost) had on the name of my latest module Tie::Select, I got to thinking about the filling of CPAN namespaces.

CPAN is awesome; many have said that it is Perl’s killer app. It has tons of modules to do many many things. The problem is that some of the obvious names are gone. Certain namespaces have implications. For Tie::Select I thought of IO::Select, which exists. I thought of going underneath an existing module’s namespace, for example IO::Handle::Select, but this implies, at least to me, that it is either a part of, or derivative of IO::Handle. Its not, and in fact it isn’t even OO as that module is.

I have settled on the current name for now, but I am not totally happy with it. I got to thinking about other naming problems I’ve had. (And note I am not complaining about any of this, just ruminating):

  • Duke Leto’s SWIGing of the GSL library effectively took up the entire Math::GSL namespace. My Math::GSLx::ODEIV2 needed that little x to “clear things up”

  • One might expect that my MooseX::Types::NumUnit uses MooseX::Types, but it doesn’t. Perhaps it should, or perhaps it should be in another namespace. Then again, this is the descriptive one.

  • It seems like there are more that I am forgetting

Anyway, it begs the question, as CPAN continues to mature, what happens as the namespaces fill up? What happens to old dead modules Tie::CSV_File which aren’t really worth fixing, but will decrease the searching signal-to-noise?

Gasp! What happens when ACME:: fills up!

I know that some people’s answer will be to adopt the old modules. But what if I don’t plan to keep the API or the implementation. What if the functionality is different but the names should be similar (my Tie::Select vs IO::Select).

I know I’m rambling a bit now and I can’t say that I know what I want, but I know what I don’t want. I don’t want new CPAN modules to have to start picking odd names just to have their own namespaces. I’m sure many of us have see Miyagawa’s module’s funny names and their reasoning.

But there just aren’t enough descriptive names.


I would rather use Local::Select

Wait until the MooseY:: branch starts …

I’m pulling for MooseXX:: and MooseXXX::

I wanted to raise this very question myself, but from a different perspective. I’m seeing people take more and more pointless spaces for pointless modules, and quite frankly, it irks me.

One thing that would help a lot of people is simply reading On the Naming of Modules (pause.perl.org), which I tend to post whenever someone announces about their misnamed Net:: module or new ::API module. The Unicode section needs clarification though since it first states Unicode and unicore and then Unicore/unicore. A lot of people—myself included—have Unicode:: modules. If that namespace is in fact off-limits, then we have a lot of non-compliance and a lack of an appropriate namespace for Unicode-related modules. I’m hoping the first reference is supposed to be Unicore.

Wow wow wow! Hell no, I wasn’t talking about you. :)

I also think it’s awesome you write posts about your modules and that prompted me to write about MooseX::Role::Loggable recently.

Sorry I gave the impression I meant you.

It’s all good. :)

So my new Net::Text::API module should be called something else??

If we could please just have everyone on CPAN comment here so I could say “no” until we hit the right one(s)… :)

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