Alien::Base Perl Foundation Grant Report Month 2

After last month’s breakneck development pace, I knew this month wouldn’t be as gratifying, and indeed it turned into quite a slog.

This month involved lots of little bug fixes, posting dev releases to CPAN, then waiting for test results from CPANtesters. As a side note, there are a larger number of reports coming from Solaris and BSD than I would have expected. Sadly one of the bugs that still hasn’t been sorted out is this recurring Solaris bug when changing working directory. It would appear that I am going to have to find a Solaris box or VirtualBox appliance, since waiting for test results for every fix attempt would take far too long.

I do have some nice things to report. I have received help from fellow member David Mertens and new contributor JT Palmer this month, so thanks guys! Next I have just pushed a new dev release which (again) changes the mechanism of dynamic loading; this one more reliant on DynaLoader’s facilities rather than munging ENV variables. This seems to be more platform independent, or I should say, as platform independent as p5p has written into it. I have much faith in them! Preliminary results seem promising. David had been having problems with a candidate Alien:: module that he is writing and this release seems to have fixed it. I hope to see Darwin and Win32 start passing too (gasp).

With that said, I am still targeting more documentation and a basic testing framework before a 0.001 alpha release. Seems like I’m always saying this, but I hope this will be coming shortly.

Fork Alien::Base on Github and note that the 0.000_009 dev release is still contained in the dlopen branch. I will merge it once the tests seem to bear it out.


Great work on one of the most important missing parts of CPAN, IMHO.

Yeah, waiting for CPANtesters’ reports isn’t very productive. Reini’s perlall tool seems like a good fit for this kind of problem, he supports vms there, check it out.

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