My full YAPC::NA 2012 materials

Now that the official YAPC::NA 2012 talks are making their way online I wanted to post links to all of the relevant material for each talk.

Thanks again to all of you who attended my talks and asked great questions. To those of you watching for the first time, please ask me questions, I will be happy to help (if I can) or discuss my methods/paradigms/simulations.

Baby XS to get you started

A primer for writing XS for people who know Perl and a least a little C.

Modeling Physical Systems Using Modern Object-Oriented Perl

In which I show off my object-oriented paradigms for simulating physical systems; forces and physical objects are just objects, interactions are mediated by coderefs. I also give a simple example and show off some of my real-world simulations.

Further, the source of these talks serve as a decent example of using LaTeX/Beamer for making presentations. So check that out too. :-)

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