Re-Announcing Mojolicious::Plugin::InstallablePaths

A few days ago, I announced the release of Mojolicious::Plugin::ModuleBuild. After some thinking I realized that without much (any?) changes it would work more generally, even with the ExtUtils::MakeMaker toolchain. Therefore I am now announcing the availability of Mojolicious::Plugin::InstallablePaths.

The general concept is that Mojolicious applications assume a certain directory structure for use locally. To make a CPAN-installable distribution out of that application one must move some directories. Further, if packaging using Module::Build, even more changes had to be applied.

Mojolicious::Plugin::InstallablePaths allows a consistent usage in all phases of development and with either build tool (EUMM or Module::Build). Hopefully this helps encourage people to think of their Mojolicious apps as candidates for CPAN and makes it easier for them to share them with the world that way!

The old module will be marked for deletion and the old blog entry will be removed as well, so don’t try to use it, its going away.

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