An Organization for Alien::Base

Alien::Base is a system that simplifies writing Alien modules to provide external libraries via CPAN. When I first wrote it, I knew that it was going to be a useful project, and I feel even more strongly about that now.

That said, I feel that I have taken Alien::Base as far as I can on my own.

Several others have offered good and useful suggestions and even patches which have unfortunately languished as I attempted to find time to consider their utility or when my knowledge of the situation was lacking. I have therefore decided to expand the circle to include a few of these contributors. I will remain on the team, where I will attempt to guide (not dictate) the project to continue along the path that I still envision for this work.

Perl5-Alien is a development organization devoted to the continued development of Alien::Base and the Perl 5 Alien ecosystem as a whole.

I hope that this will be a step in the right direction for the Alien ecosystem.

If you would like to submit your name for consideration to join the team, please contact me either on this post, via irc, or email. Of course everyone is welcome to contribute via pull requests or by writing your own Alien module for your favorite external library.

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