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Ok, how about these:

Are we a support group for disenfranchised Perl developers or advocacy group for all developers? If we want people to join our community then we need to reach out and do some good in theirs.


Perl developers tend to use IRC and Perlmonks more than Twitter.

One of the problems with having a legacy is that you get swamped by it. It's hard to get involved with each "new" social phenomenon that comes along and still give a reasonable amount of time to the traditional and current ones. At some point a reasonable gateway might be developed that can bridge the gap.

At one point there were a number of "bots" that mirrored messages between the various IRC networks of the day. Those have mostly died off due to the better curation of a few IRC networks over those that got eaten by the peter principle.

There was also a time before that when gateways were written that bridged between usenet news and IRC.

I look forward to the day when gateways between IRC and these other social networks are written by those who see such things as an itch that needs to be scratched.

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