Web::PageMeta - a mixed sync/async lazy Perl Moose HTTP-GET module

Announcing here Web::PageMeta which is lazy build-ed HTTP-GET and web-scrape-data module able to work both in classic code and also to behave non-blocking in async code. More info on my blog or on CPAN or on GitHub.

deb.perl.it - bridging CPAN and Ubuntu → step3

Now also Ubuntu Perl packages indexed. For example Moose::Meta::Class

Package: libmoose-perl
Package version: 0.31-1
Module version: 0.16
Arch: all
Dist: hardy
Component: universe

Package: libmoose-perl
Package version: 0.94-1
Module version: 0.94
Arch: amd64
Dist: lucid
Component: universe

Package: libmoose-perl
Package version: 1.23-1
Module version: 1.23
Arch: amd64
Dist: natty
Component: universe

Package: libmoose-perl
Package version: 2.0200-1…

deb.perl.it - bridging CPAN and Debian → step2

To make the Debian-Perl module look-up more useful, there are now install instructions included. That means that all non-packaged CPAN dependencies and also all packaged ones are listed and it's clear what can be installed from packages and what needs to be installed from CPAN. Here's an example for App::TimeTracker:

sudo apt-get install libexception-class-perl libclass-accessor-perl libmoosex-role-parameterized-perl libjson-perl libnamespace-autoclean-…

deb.perl.it - bridging CPAN and Debian → step1

After more then a year of silence I've managed to resurrect the Debian::Apt::PM and new Perl indexes are available for both i386 and amd64 platforms.

For now the web site can be used to find out if a Perl module is packaged for Debian with which version or not at all. Ex.:



Let this blog post be also an invitation to my talk that I'll have on this years YAPC::EU::2011 in Riga and a reason "Why?" there will be more questions then answers.

There is one question that keeps me busy for quite some months now already and that is: What if the knowledge and wisdom is not in answers, but in questions?

As it kept me busy for just too long and as I'm a full-time Perl programmer, I've decided to write a code to help me answer "Why?".

package Acme::KnowledgeWisdom;