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deb.perl.it - bridging CPAN and Debian → step2

To make the Debian-Perl module look-up more useful, there are now install instructions included. That means that all non-packaged CPAN dependencies and also all packaged ones are listed and it's clear what can be installed from packages and what needs to be installed from CPAN. Here's an example for App::TimeTracker:

sudo apt-get install libexception-class-perl libclass-accessor-perl libmoosex-role-parameterized-perl libjson-perl libnamespace-autoclean-…

deb.perl.it - bridging CPAN and Debian → step1

After more then a year of silence I've managed to resurrect the Debian::Apt::PM and new Perl indexes are available for both i386 and amd64 platforms.

For now the web site can be used to find out if a Perl module is packaged for Debian with which version or not at all. Ex.:


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