New Arel like SQL Manager

Some months ago I started working in a system similar to ActiveRecord. But then it became pretty big so then I centered my attention in a SQL AST manager instead.

So I made a library that is basically an Arel port. You can see the README with most of the basic info. After looking at implementations in CPAN I realized there are many of them already but all of them based on hash structures.

This impl can instead represent a full SQL AST mainly using builder chainable methods.

I need some feedback on wether you think it will be something that is useful.

Thanks in advance.

Repo link:

PD: Here is another question. If you try to download and use the lib right now it will not work because it depends on another library made by me as well:

This library is a group of packages with somewhat unrelated utility functions that allows me to support my own perl OOP engine implementation shared through other libraries I'm working on. I don't know what's the best approach to handle this. Is it ok to upload this library separately? if I need to reuse this code again, how do I prevent collisions if my other libs will use it as well?

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