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Hi people.

I just developed, a website that can be of use to Perl developers.

Say you’re a Perl developer working on a project that depends on a number of modules from CPAN. Or you’re maintaining a module on CPAN with any number of dependencies.

You need to know when one of your dependencies’ interface changes (because then you should have your module updated as well), and you’d like to be notified when a new and exciting feature arrive to your dependencies, because you might want to use it.

Then could be just what you need. It will notify you (through an RSS feed) whenever one of your dependencies has a new version that’s come out. The new item in the RSS feed will contain the new lines from the module’s Changes file. You can pass this RSS feed to an RSS-to-Email service, such as Feed My Inbox, to get email alerts as well.

If you login to the site, you can then also create your own private RSS feed that consists of all the modules that interest you. So you only need to add one feed to your RSS reader. needs your feedback. Either start using it, or please tell me what should be added / changed.

It is a Mojolicious site, and is free to use.


Very cool. I've always wanted something like this. Signed up!

I love this idea and thank you for making it. Now i can actually bury my abandoned experiment to make RSS feeds like this. :)

One feature request i have is that i'd like to be able to look at the page of a module, and directly add it from there to one of my feeds without having to copypaste the name.

Great idea. Well, I have a script which downloads/install all new versions of my dependencies and runs my testsuite(s) with all of them.

Awesome, thanks! This really scatches an existing itch! A nice feature would be a cpanfile-upload, which adds all requisites to the list. If you're able to handle file-uploads, this should be fairly easy to implement, using, I guess...

I'd really like to be able to subscribe to an Author. I like to see what interesting things that certain people produce, without having to know in advance what that module is (and also to keep up with what friends are up to).

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