Why you should use ppport.h in your XS code modules

As a bonus, less work on your part.

It's surprising to find that there are modules on CPAN that aren't using
ppport.h that could stand to benefit from it.

ppport.h is a file that is part of the Devel::PPPort distribution. As you
know, Perl has evolved over the years, adding new features, and new API for XS
writers to use. Some of that is to support the new features, and some to make
tasks easier to accomplish. ppport.h implements portions of the API that
people have foun…

Devel::PPPort has been updated

Devel::PPPort 3.55 has more than two hundred commits since the last major releases. The documentation has been extensively revised to make it clearer how to use, and to contribute. And it has been updated to know about the latest blead; the first such update in 5 or more years.

Dozens of functions and macros are newly implemented. The suite of SV handling functions is more complete, with more flags handled. Also the character classification macros (alpha, punct, etc) and case changing functions are greatly expanded. There is more Unicode support, including modern security standar…